North Georgia Aviation 
located in Rome Georgia (KRMG)

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Aircraft flight school in Rome Georgia

Have you been dreaming of becoming a pilot your whole life
We can help you achieve this goal through our Part 61 flight school. 

Why choose North Georgia Aviation Part 61 school? 
We offer:
  • a highly qualified and friendly staff
  • competitive rates
  • a flexible training program to meet your needs
  • flexible hours to accommodate your schedule
  • a relaxed airspace environment

Our Part 61 flight school allows you to become anywhere from a sport pilot through a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), and everything in between. We currently offer a fully IFR capable Cessna 172, which allows you to fly comfortably and at a cost-effective rate. We also have a Cessna 150 and more aircraft we are looking to purchase.

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Please call to schedule a flight.

(706) 237-6416