North Georgia Aviation 
located in Rome Georgia (KRMG)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to complete my private pilot's license? 

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires a minimum ground instruction of 15 hours and a minimum flight time of 40 hours be completed, including at least 20 hours with a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and 10 hours of flight on your own (solo) performing various tasks.

What kinds of exams will I have to pass?

To be a pilot you will have to pass a written test, consisting of 60 multiple choice questions covering various subject matter from weight and balance to weather related topics. The 60 questions are taken from a possible 738 questions that the FAA submit. There is a certain amount of self study required but if problems are encountered your flight instructor will review the problem areas with you. You will also have to pass a fairly basic medical exam. Finally, you will take a practical test with an FAA designated examiner which will consist of an oral test and a flight test to show the examiner you are proficient at flying.

How much will my private pilot's training cost?

Assuming the minimum required hours the cost break down is as follows: (Note: This is a rough estimate and is not intended for use as an inclusive quote)

          15 hours ground instruction with CFI: $40/hour

          30 hours flight instruction with CFI (in Cessna 172):$155/hour

          10 hours of solo flight: (in Cessna 172): $115/hour


           Total Cost: $6400.00*

*Additional costs: Books, headsets, medical exam, check ride fees, written test fees and any additional training you may require 

 Please ask about discounted rates for block time.

What if I have difficulty in understanding the course material and subjects?

All our instruction is strictly one on one, so you will not feel intimidated to ask questions. Everyone is different so you are treated differently. You may have different academic weaknesses than the next person in which case it is addressed on a more detailed and personal level. If you have questions about a topic in your training we will solve it, together. 

Is it best to learn to fly at a controlled or uncontrolled airport?

At North Georgia Aviation we feel as though the student receives more benefit from learning in uncontrolled airspace.If you decide to learn at a controlled airport you will find a lot of time wasted on the ground talking to a controller and waiting for clearances and may find that the actual lesson will not start until you are airborne, even then, you will have to find areas of uncontrolled airspace to practice your maneuvers. This may take 20-30 minutes, wasting your time and money. At the Richard B Russell airport we are uncontrolled, which means our instructors can give their total attention to you right from aircraft start up, and as soon as you get airborne you will start your lesson. You will learn more and in a quicker time frame, and the controlled field practice that you will be required to complete can be found in short flight to Kennesaw, Georgia. This makes training less daunting during your initial phase.

How do I get started?
Contact Tim Mullins, via phone (678-882-4184) or email ([email protected]) for a friendly, relaxed chat about your first step. Since each student is likely in a different step in achieving their license it is best to receive a customized plan through this quick conversation.